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But dude, [livejournal.com profile] sho_no_tabi's Inception fic is glorious.  Thanks, Inceptionwips!  You introduce me to the nicest people.

While I'm as partial to cheerful banter and romance (give me His Girl Friday any day of the week, my friends) as the next girl, the thing I fell in love with about Inception ALMOST as much as the pretty men is the action and the heist.  The sense that most of these characters were brilliant, calculating, daring criminals.  Even Saito, despite not being part of the official team, is undoubtedly badass.  (It helps that he's played by Ken Watanabe.)  Heck, even Fischer gets to be badass.

Yes, I admit I would not kick any of these men out of bed (except Leo, really, but even him I wouldn't actually kick out of bed).  But I also want to BE all of them.  And that's because they're so smart.  I drool over smart.

And [livejournal.com profile] sho_no_tabi's fic gives me JUST WHAT I WANT for that.  Arthur being impeccable but human.  Eames being the smartest damn man in the room.  (I also cannot say how much I appreciate that Cobb is not a maudlin ass in these stories.)

They have PLOT.  They have beautiful, subtle character shifts, synced in with what I gleaned from canon.  

And most of all they have both compelling, brutal action (that scene when Arthur's leaps across that fucking 15-foot gap stories above ground in Life During Wartime is just what I needed but didn't know I wanted.)  Action that is charged with emotion, but not wallowing in it.  Action is not easy to write clearly, either, and this is done efficiently and engagingly.  It brings me right back to what hooked me about the film when I saw it the first time with no expectations.  

These stories are not romances, not in the traditional way.  There is very little in the way of smut (what's there is potent and effective, but not the point.)  So look elsewhere if you want straight up porn. 

Go forth and read!

As an aside, there are many bonus nods to the excellent Brick.  And it just makes me want a fedora that much more than I already do.


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