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Here it is, after hours of shuffling and vetoing and rediscovering old CDs, my Inception mix!

To declare my own rules for making mixes:

I try very hard not to use the same songs I’ve used on other mixes.  Of course, this gets harder the more mixes I make, but I my mixes are also a snapshot of what I’m drawn to (new and old) at any one time, and how my brain processes the inspiration.  That usually means enough new stuff has shown up on my playlists that I can succeed in not repeating.  It also means I’m not just listening to my own favorite songs over and over, but actively seeking out songs correct to the mix.  Otherwise, where’s the fun?

I also try hard to not use the same artist twice (although I caved here because Franz Ferdinand was too awesome, twice, to pass over using their songs.)

This is very much a fanmix -- an Arthur/Eames pairing fanmix for Inception, to be exact.  Now, a lot of it is Inception in general, but then it veers off into fanfic land, because, well, that’s where my imagination headed as well.  I’ve linked to the stories specifically where appropriate.

All of that being true, I actually think this is a mix you can enjoy very much even if one, you’ve never seen Inception, and/or two, you have no desire to pair off Arthur and Eames.

Download and liner notes not currently available (working on updating.)  Keep reading for liner notes, with links to fic!

Non, Je ne regrette rien, part 1, Edith Piaf

How can I not?  It’s got to be in here.


Inertia Creeps, Massive Attack

“Hold me tightly, I’m on a sliding scale.”

Welcome to the dreamscape.


Hey Pretty, Poe

“I’m the sole architect, I built the shadows here...”

I was a bit startled by how the lyrics of this song actually match the ideas of the film.  Plus, you know, using projections to figure out one’s psyche has become de rigeur in this fandom, as here.


Sour Times, Portishead

“‘Cause all I have is my memories of yesterday...”

Sometimes, I think that this song is playing on a tiny gramophone in the back of Cobb’s mind.  Maybe every time he squints, he’s trying to find it. (This makes it sound like I don’t care about his emotional arc.  I do.  I’m just easily amused.  And the mood of this song fits.)


Do You Want To, Franz Ferdinand

“I’m gonna make somebody love me...”

Eames.  Flirting.  With great glee and persistence.


One of a Kind, Placebo

“I’m in a race and I’m doing fine, thank you.”

Arthur = BAMF.  I like the idea of him hiding his genius because it didn’t quite fit people’s expectations or his own ambitions.  Much like he creates a barrier with stoicism and beautiful tailoring.  I also see this as his pride at being the best in the business.


Non, je ne regrette rien, part 2, Edith Piaf


Acrobat, U2

“If you just close your eyes you can feel the enemy...”

Being a forger requires skill and, one would think, and a strong ability to compartmentalize.  


Maybe, This Time, OK Go

“You've spent your entire life quick-tongued and always right.”

Arthur screws up very rarely.  When he does, I like to think Eames allows for it (you know, relishes teasing him).  Eames calls him on it, (probably by raising an eyebrow) and Arthur listens. Eventually.


Man of Action, Matthew Good Band

“I disappeared today, if only for a second...”

The Fischer job.  I think of this as working for Fischer’s point of view, and there’s really no reason to ignore Cillian Murphy in the cast of pretty.


The Fuel, Sneaker Pimps

“When the seeds take it grows like weeds and spreads like flames...”

Abandoning canon completely now in favor of fic: “You know, it's really quite a turn-on thinking of the number of extremely flexible ways you could kill me right now.You know Eames and Arthur use martial arts moves in bed.  I’m just sayin’.


Stronger, Lamb

“I’m so afraid something is broken now...”

Inspired by this story, representing the break and ruse of separation. One of the first series I read, I’m attached to it as the first clever integration of a relationship into the background of the film.  Plus, I admit it, I love stories that go through angst but end in schmoop.


An Olive Grove Facing the Sea, Snow Patrol

“Be with you all night, until I fall asleep...”

There is, in this fandom, a whole lot of nap porn.  I totally love it.  There’s nothing like a good nap, and really, if you’ve got a hot man as your pillow, more power to you.


Mystify, INXS

“Tangles me, to keep me alive...”

Arthur, in all of those impeccable suits.  I never would have pegged Joseph Gordon-Leavitt as someone who could simmer with predatory, barely leashed sensuality, but I am oh so happy to be proven wrong.


Last One Standing, Neil Finn

“Lean and hungry, with a fire in your eyes...”

A merry chase.  I do think that both Eames and Arthur appreciate each other’s skills, professionally as well as, you know, otherwise.  Magnificent indeed, and both able to wipe the floor with anyone who gets in their way.


Might Tell You Tonight, Scissor Sisters

“...you're quiet, but your eyes are saying everything I need to know...”

There is also, in this fandom, a surprising amount of warm fuzzy domestic fic despite fanon Arthur’s reserve plus Eames’s whorish tendencies.  I am quite ok with this trend.  What is better than the person who settles you down unexpectedly?  I direct you to this proposal (be sure to read the whole series...awwwww) and this bit of banter.  Also, this gorgeous longer capitulation.


The Very Thought of You, Ella Fitzgerald

“You’ll never know how slow the moments go ‘til I’m near to you...”

Extra bonus schmoop track.  I will always adore Nat King Cole singing this, but felt we needed a version a bit more upbeat.  Inspired by the silly trips of this fic, this is what I imagine is playing in Arthur’s ballroom.  The flirty, joyous side of Arthur.


Lucid Dreams (Original Version), Franz Ferdinand

“I'm going to give my aimless love, my angry heart, my desire.”

Partners in crime and life.  I like to imagine Arthur and Eames continuing to be awesome into the future (even if no one else quite believes them...).  And Arthur admitting that when he says pass the file, he always, always means pass the file.


Non, je ne regrette rien, fin        Edith Piaf

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