Sep. 6th, 2010

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Here it is, after hours of shuffling and vetoing and rediscovering old CDs, my Inception mix!

To declare my own rules for making mixes:

I try very hard not to use the same songs I’ve used on other mixes.  Of course, this gets harder the more mixes I make, but I my mixes are also a snapshot of what I’m drawn to (new and old) at any one time, and how my brain processes the inspiration.  That usually means enough new stuff has shown up on my playlists that I can succeed in not repeating.  It also means I’m not just listening to my own favorite songs over and over, but actively seeking out songs correct to the mix.  Otherwise, where’s the fun?

I also try hard to not use the same artist twice (although I caved here because Franz Ferdinand was too awesome, twice, to pass over using their songs.)

This is very much a fanmix -- an Arthur/Eames pairing fanmix for Inception, to be exact.  Now, a lot of it is Inception in general, but then it veers off into fanfic land, because, well, that’s where my imagination headed as well.  I’ve linked to the stories specifically where appropriate.

All of that being true, I actually think this is a mix you can enjoy very much even if one, you’ve never seen Inception, and/or two, you have no desire to pair off Arthur and Eames.

Download and liner notes not currently available (working on updating.)  Keep reading for liner notes, with links to fic!

Dream a Little Bigger Darling Liner Notes )


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